Everyone would like to save hundreds of dollars on hotels using StayCircles but before booking your first stay, here are 5 key things you need to to know.

If you’re reading this… congratulations!

You made the pocket friendly choice to save hundreds of dollars on hotels, nurture your friendship and grow your connections by booking a stay with StayCircles. The pleasures of room service to clean up after you and a bedside phone to ring up your favourite wine from the bar can be very tempting. But being able to save hundreds of dollars, build your network of friends and stay with someone you know beats any pleasures you might get from hotels.

The process of booking a friendship or business stay is simple and can be completed within minutes using the StayCircles app. But what should you know before booking your first stay?

  1. StayCircles Friendship Stays are 100% free

Signing up to StayCircles and booking stays is completely free, now and forever.

This is because at our core, we are about a revolution in the concept of travel - from something that only the people with extra money could do to something that everyone can do, from something of glamour and luxury to something that's a fundamental opportunity and life experience for everyone.

Sign up to StayCircles for free!

To get started, download the StayCircles app from your app store or click here and sign up to start inviting your friends and building your worldwide map of friends.

2.  Hosting? You’re in control. Accepting Stay proposals is entirely up to the host.

The process for booking stays on StayCircles is simple and straightforward and mirrors everyday life.

Once you have confirmed your travel dates, destination and identified a friend (StayPal) or friend-of-friend (StayPal2) on your map of friends living at your destination, you’ll need to send a request to let them know you wish to stay with them while you’re in town. Once sent, your StayPal receives a notification informing them of your request to stay with them.

Request a Stay from a Friend or Friend-of-a-Friend

If your StayPal is fine with the terms of your request including your proposed dates, they’ll accept. Once your request is accepted, you will be notified and can start packing your bags in preparation for an amazing trip!

Accepting a Stay request is entirely up to the host and they can decline a Stay request for any reason they want.

It is time to start packing your bags once your stay proposal is accepted

We recommend that you confirm/book your stay ahead of time to give your host enough time to respond to your request and also make the necessary arrangements as per their schedule for your arrival.

3. The more your staypals, the higher your chances of being able to stay anywhere in the world for free

Social media has made the world smaller than ever. Friendships are formed through Twitter and people fall in love through Instagram. StayCircles however, is not for the show-offs, it’s for the travelers. We intend to change the way you and your friends think about, feel about, and arrange your travel, forever.

It's not where you go but who you go with.

StayCircles is built on social connections, which is why it is easy to invite your friends to join. Your friends in turn can invite their friends to join. The beauty of the worldwide map of friends is that you are able to see your friends and their friends on your map where they live at a glance. This makes it super easy for you decide who you’d like to stay with at your destination depending on their home’s location, and your friendships.

See your friends and friends of friends from your worldwide map

Initially, when you sign up, your map might feel a little empty. It’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is start inviting your friends and they in-turn invite theirs and in a short while, you’ll have friends across the world that you can stay with for free. With just one friend you can see hundreds and hundreds of friends-of-friends on your map, and the best part is you’ll know most of them! Send them staypals requests and soon you’ll have a world of “your people” covering the globe. How awesome is that?

Share the fun with friends! Invite them now.

We’ve made the invitation process easy and seamless so you can invite friends via email from your phone contacts, Gmail email contacts and by directly inputting their email address.

Start building your map of friends now.

4. One-on-one team support is one chat away

StayCircles was built to be easy to use and as simple as possible.

However, we understand that you’ll have questions and need assistance from time to time using the many cool features of the app. This is why we built a direct chat portal within the app to get in touch with us anytime.

Team support is just one tap away!

With the chat feature, you can chat with team StayCircles and get assistance with any issues or questions you may have. So feel free and let’s get chatting.

We are here to help!

5.  Your confidential information is exactly that, confidential!

In a digital age of data compromise and selling of confidential information, we realize it can be difficult to entrust your information regardless of the benefits you stand to gain. But this is where StayCircles stands apart.

We don’t sell or serve ads and never intend to because we know how annoying and intrusive that experience can be. Because advertising is not our source of revenue, we have no incentive to sell the details of your private life to the highest bidder like most social media platforms do today. We did this on purpose, to ensure we’re always working for you, and having your back, no matter what.

Your information is confidential... and will remain so!

Our goal is to create a safe and seamless experience for you doing what you love to do, connecting with friends and travelling. Confidential information used on the StayCircles app remains confidential and our word is our honour.