A trip to some parts of Barcelona, Mexico or Brazil might seem like the perfect vacation getaway but you just might be safer visiting North Korea or Iran. Increasing tourist numbers and violence in some popular travel destinations is leading visitors to rethink their choice of dream places to visit. Here’s our list of top 5 unsafe travel destinations.

5 popular travel destinations you should visit with caution.

Let’s be honest, there’s no place on planet earth that is 100% safe. A traveler’s utopia where you could mistakenly drop your wallet and be totally sure someone will call you to come pick it up? Nope! Doesn’t exist, never existed!

There are common dangers every traveler will always be at risk of. Pickpockets, sleazy taxi guys, hotel thieves right down to the occasional street mugging, every travel destination comes with it’s fair share of dangers. To start, our advice to every traveler is to always be cautious and avoid placing yourself in potentially hazardous situations when on a trip or in another country.

However, there are appealing destinations that are gradually becoming a little too dangerous for comfort. Some due to the presence of criminal gangs and others due to natural or man-made dangers such as pollution and increased risk of diseases.

These are top 5 unsafe travel destinations you want to be extra careful about if you choose to visit.


Mexico is a beautiful, culture - rich country with very warm and hospitable people. It’s ancient UNESCo world heritage site designated Aztec and Mayan ruins makes it all the more fascinating to visit. It’s endless sunshine, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water, and calm beaches gives it a permanent place on any travel list.

Ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins (Mexico)

So why is it on this list?

Over 70% of Mexico is considered safe enough for tourists to visit, but the increasing crime and violence rates in some parts of Mexico is something every traveler needs to be aware of and consider when choosing which part of Mexico they want to visit.

Increased presence of gangs is making some parts of Mexico unsafe for travelers.

The U.S most recent travel advisory, blacklisted five cities on a “do not travel” basis, due to the prevalence of violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery.

Many potential visitors are avoiding Mexico right now but If you’re planning to visit anyways, make sure you do your research well. While a good number of tourist hotspots remain relatively safe, remember to stay cautious and at alert.


This archipelago of islands (including six main permanently inhabited islands: Hawai’i, Maui, O’ahu, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, and Lana’i) is very popular amongst tourists for its dramatic landscape, culture, bright blue seas and beautiful beaches.

Hawaii has so many beautiful islands.

The recent eruption of one of the world’s most active volcanoes located on the island, Mount Kilauea and the 6.9 earthquake that came with it has led to the U.S and British foreign offices, issuing travel advice for visiting nationals to stay safe.

Mount Kilauea

While most of the tourist attractions and spots are not in the “active” areas, it is still important to keep an eye and ear out as well as follow local media reports and news, at the very least, in the case of an evacuation.

Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination.


If you are a wildlife lover, Brazil is the place to be. The extent of Brazil’s diversity is legendary with thousands of iconic species present . Tropical beaches, the world’s largest rainforest, white sandy beaches, no other country has such a large diversity of places, climates, options.

Sunset on the Amazon

Sadly, Brazilian cities take up 17 spots in World Atlas ranking of 50 most dangerous cities in the world. Rape, murder, robbery, kidnappings, are a few of the crimes plaguing many brazilian cities.

The notorious Favellas (Brazil)

If you must visit Brazil, be sure to do your research properly, stay in designated tourist areas and be extra careful when at the beach as pollution is another major health hazard faced in Brazil. Literally three teaspoons of beach water in some brazilian beaches is enough to pose a health threat.


The Philippines is a paradise with an archipelago made up of over 7600 islands at the most recent count. It is a verdant land filled with culture complete with all the languages and interesting delicacies that come with it.

The beautiful culture of the Philippines

Discovered by Ferdinand Magellan himself, it is a paradise of thousands of islands interspersed with impressive volcanoes, majestic falls, old Spanish towns, and bustling cities. There are many more exciting things to this 100 million population country and one thing you are certain of is that there’ll never be a dull moment on a trip here.

White sandy beaches of the Philippines

While the most parts of the Philippines is safe, the government’s recent crackdown on drugs, terrorism by ASG, an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group, and kidnappings make some parts unsafe for visitors. In the capital city of Manila, pick pocketing and other forms of violent crimes are things you want to avoid. The recent crackdown on drugs, the continued presence of the military, and terrorism related bombings puts most places on edge with the possibility of a violent breakdown at any time.

Terrorism is making the Philippines dangerous to travelers.

You want to be extra cautious and careful when visiting the Philippines. Also make sure to do your research and identify safe places you can visit.


A rich history filled with magnificent monuments, stunning pyramids, and a Nile cruise  experience gives Egypt a place on any traveler’s must-visit destination list.  However, recent political tensions have made traveler’s think twice before booking tickets to Egypt.

The Pyramids of Egypt

While the political tensions are gradually easing and tourist numbers are increasing,  prevailing cases of sexual violence and cultural expectations against women in major tourist destinations like Cairo make it extremely problematic, for both locals and visitors.

Recent uprisings and protests in Egypt caused a drop in tourist numbers

In all with proper planning you should be fine. You want to avoid place of high risk such as the border regions of Egypt ( close to the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip). If you do visit Egypt, ensure you go with a trusted tour guide and make use of trusted travel and hospitality companies.

Do your research well.