Just downloaded Adventure Machine mobile app? Here's a detailed guide to help you setup and start receiving incredibly cheap flight deal alerts.

Imagine for a second that you’ve been keeping a travel photo diary all these years, what would it look like?

There’ll definitely be lots of memories plus amazing shots of wonderful or exotic locations you’ve been able to visit over time. More importantly, it would show how often you’ve been able to  travel. If you haven’t travelled a lot, you’d probably blame this on the cost of travel and your income right? Wrong!

The truth is that your income is enough to get you started travelling the world and going on those dream vacations you’ve always longed for. The idea that travel is expensive and only for the rich is false and only believed by those who don't have the right tools or knowledge. So how is this possible? That’s where Adventure Machine comes in.

Adventure Machine makes travel a lot more affordable and easier by notifying you of cheap flight deals (including economy, business and first class) from your home airports to your preferred destinations. It also informs you of friends and friends-of-friends at your destination with whom you can book stays with for free and save hundreds of dollars on hotels. So you’re not just saving on fights, you’re also saving on hotels!

This article will help you understand how to use the Adventure Machine mobile app to make your travel dreams a reality.

Step 1: Downloading the App
The first step to start using the Adventure Machine app is obviously to download it. To download, simply open the app store on your mobile device and search for “Adventure Machine” or click here and follow the download button relevant to your type of device. It’s that easy!

Download Adventure Machine from your preffered app store.

Step 2: Setting up your user account
Congratulations! By now you must have downloaded and installed the app on your device. In order to connect you to your friends better and save your preferred airport for flight deals, you will need to create a user account. The sign up process is simple and short, no long forms or weird personal data requests.

When you launch the app on your device for the first time, select the “Create StayCircles Account” button and provide your email address. You’ll receive a verification email. Do note that depending on your email client, it might take a few seconds to get the email.

Creating an account is a simple process

Click on the “Verify Email Now” and this will take you back to the app to choose a password. Once that is completed, you’ll be logged in, quick and easy.

You will be required to grant some permissions so you can get deal notifications on your phone as they become available. This is so you don't miss a deal before it expires.

Step 3: Understanding the interface/feeds
Logging in to the app, opens up your feed (which would be empty for a new user) with a prompt to add airports. To start receiving deals, you will have to add either the airport closest to your location or the one you intend to fly from, your choice. We’ll show you how to do that in the next step.

After you login, the app feed view is what comes up and this forms a ‘landing view’ of sorts from where you can interact and use the many features of the Adventure App as indicated in this image.

You have the option to add airports once logged in for the first time.

Step 4: Adding/Deleting Airports
Adventure Machine is able to notify you of cheap flight deals from your chosen airports. To indicate which airports you’d like to receive flight deals from, you’ll need to add them. It is an easy and straightforward process that can be completed in seconds.

When you open the app for the first time, a list of active airports will be displayed. Scroll through and select “Add airport” to add your preferred airport. Another way to add and delete airport is explained in these simple steps.

To add: In your App, select “Airports”, then “Manage”. Then select “Add”, enter the city in the search box, and pick the airport you wish to add.

Add your preferred origin airport to start receiving deals out of that airport

To delete: Select “Manage” select “Edit” for the airport you wish to delete, and then “Delete”.

You can also delete airports if you no longer wish to receive flight deal alerts from that airport

Step 5: Inviting friends
The Adventure Machine mobile app makes it easy for you to share amazing flight deals with your friends. For example, you come across a deal in the app feed you think a friend might be interested in, all you need to do is send an email invite to your friend from within the app using only their email and they’ll be able to get the deal.

You have three (3) different options to invite friends.

  • Via phone contact
  • Via Google contacts
  • Directly with email address

To invite, select “staypals” in the app, then select “invite friends” in the upper right hand part of your screen. Next, select the invite option that works best for you and they’ll get an email letting them know you invited them and the next steps to take to start receiving flight deals.

You might have not yet given Adventure Machine permissions to view your contacts. If not, do that now.

Step 6: Getting a deal
You’re from Providence, RI and come across a deal from PVD to Dublin, Ireland for $214… that’s over 50% cheaper than the regular flight costs. What next?

To get the deal, select the deal, then select "Google Flights Search”.This opens the deal in Google Flights for you to complete your booking.

Step 7: Prime and Prime First Subscription
Adventure Machine is completely free to download and use. But when you sign-up, you are automatically placed on the free plan.

With this plan you are able to see 75% of the flight deals (Economy class) and can add a maximum of 3 origin airports. With Prime on the other hand, you’ll see 100% of all economy class flight deals and can add up to 10 airports giving you access to more flight deals from more airports so you never miss out on a deal.

With the Prime First package, you get notified of cheap first and business class flight deals if you prefer to travel in luxury and some class.

For just $20 per year you see and receive all cheap flight deal alerts from your chosen orign airport.

For just $20/year you can upgrade your “Free” plan to “Prime” and for $100/year you can upgrade to “Prime First”.  Your subscription is renewed automatically and you can also cancel whenever you want.

Upgrading is really simple. To upgrade, select “Settings”, then “Prime” and lastly, select “Get Prime” to provide billing information. You can also follow the same steps to upgrade to Prime First.

Now that you understand the Adventure Machine app, how to use it and the awesome flight deals that are about to come your way, download the app here if you haven’t and let the adventure begin!