It’s no secret that the cost of business travel in the U.S is on the rise at top speed with no brakes in sight anytime soon. With an average cost of $325 per day covering logistics, hotels and feeding, it’s not difficult to see how the costs of business travel in a year can take a huge bite out of any company’s profits.

Is there a way out?

Technology has made business processes easier but business travel remains expensive.

Tele conferencing, cloud computing, mobile phone, AI are all cool innovations that have made the business world and its processes a little more efficient. Remote working has also helped to reduce overhead cost. Regardless, there’s no escaping the need to be physically present to close deals, strike new deals, supervise projects etc.

In these instances, technology can only make the process easy but not replace the need for an executive for instance, to meet a potential client one-on-one to hash out terms of an engagement. This is where the need to travel for business becomes key to any organisation’s survival. Sadly, it doesn’t come cheap.

The cost of flights is epensive and only rising.

Considering the huge dent the cost of business travel, businesses have grown to accept it as a necessary evil for growth and profitability. This doesn’t mean they are happy with it as companies and organisations are constantly looking for ways to reduce the heavy costs of business travel and this is not new.

So yes, there’s a way out and it is called Business stays by StayCircles.

Business stays is a revolutionary approach to how business travel is done. It allows an employee save his or her organisation 31% of the cost of hotels (which is usually the second most expensive aspect of business travel after flight costs) by leveraging his/her network of friends and their friends to avoid expensive hotels. It also provides an opportunity for the traveller and host to earn 31%.

Which company accountant or HR wouldn’t love an opportunity to save 31%?

Every company executive would be more than happy to save thousands of dollars

How does it work?

First things first, you’ll need to get the StayCircles app. Once you’ve download it and created an account, you’ll need to invite friends you know living at your travel destination to the app. Sending invites is pretty easy and seamless with the multiple options to invite friends.

The StayCircles app is to easy to use and inviting friends is very flexible

So let’s assume you’re travelling to boston for a 3 day conference. Your map of friends in the app will let you see your friends or any of their friends living in Boston. All you need to do is propose a stay and enter the comparable price of the hotel (let’s assume this is $900) you would have stayed in for the 3-day duration of the conference.

Once your friend accepts your stay proposal, you’re on your way. StayCircles automatically takes off 31% leaving you with just $600 to pay including a service fee of 15%. Your company is charged, HR is happy, accounts is happy but the fun isn’t over yet.

StayCircles goes on to pay both you and your friend (host) $285 each. This money is directly deposited into your bank accounts which you’ve provided earlier in the app. And just like that, everyone is happy... you, your friend and your company all smiling.

With business travel the StayCircles way, everybody wins.

Care for some cheap flights?

Saving on flights is another simple way to turbo charge your efforts at saving $1000s on business travel. A really simple and functional tool for saving on flights is Adventure Machine. It notifies you of incredibly cheap flight deals (up to 70% cheaper) from an airport of your choice to your destination.  You can click here to know how it works.

Businesses do not need to incur $1000s and hundreds of $1000s annually in business travel expenses if they have the right tools and knowledge at their disposal. Your company or organisation is no different.

Start saving and earning today with Business Stays. At the very least, it’s extra spending money for you when you travel plus HR will love you!