Either for work or for pleasure, there’s a better, safer and friendlier way to travel you should know about.

You’ve just confirmed a 4 day trip for adventure, vacation or honeymoon to Paris. Which of these options would you be willing to go with?

Option A: The usual suspect

  • Reserve a room at a hotel in Paris. Alone, no familiar faces. Cost: $480 - $600
  • Book your flight tickets. Cost: $1600 - $2000 for a round trip
  • Pack your bags and you’re off!

Total estimated cost: $2100 - $2600

The usual way - Expensive!

Option B: Go with the trend

  • Book bedrooms or couches of total strangers in Paris using a traditional homesharing company. Awkward, a little boredom. Cost: $400 - $500.
  • Book your flight tickets. Cost: $1600 - $2000 round trip.
  • Pack your bags and you’re off!

Total estimated cost: $2000 - $2500

A little cheaper but it is unsafe having strangers in your home plus super awkward!

Option C: Disrupt the system (The StayCircles way)

  • See and book free stays with friends or friends of friends living in Paris. Zero boredom and maximum fun. Cost:  $0 - $0.
  • Book your flight tickets with Adventure Machine. Cost: $360 - $500 round trip.
  • Pack your bags and you’re off!

Total estimated cost: $360 - $500

Cheap, safe and convenient. You get to catch up too.

The answer is obvious. The least expensive option.

So what is StayCircles?  
StayCircles is a technology platform/mobile app built so you can grow and enjoy your personal network of friends as you travel.

StayCircles makes it easy to see and stay with your people as you travel planet earth. On the strength of friendships, StayCircles makes it affordable and easier to travel the world without having to worry about money or spending a fortune seeing and visiting places.

Travel the world without worrying about money or who to hang out with

At its core, StayCircles is about a revolution in the concept of travel - from something that only the people with extra money could do to something that everyone can do.

StayCircles helps you save or earn money when you travel using technology and by leveraging your immediate or extended network of friends to provide a safer travel experience. With StayCircles, you’re not staying with strangers but friends and friends of friends.

So while the flights are increasingly costly, hotels are cashing-in and strangers are offering you their beds and couches, we continue to explore unique ways to build a travel ecosystem that is safer, cheaper and fueled by a continuously growing network of friends.

There are many travel options but none as safe, cheap or convenient as StayCircles

You are able to save hundreds of dollars on hotel bills with Friendship stays, save  and earn money for you, your host, and his/her company with Business stays.

In addition, you save hundreds of dollars on flights with Adventure Machine; a travel tool that consistently searches and notifies you of cheap flight deals (discount and mistake fares) from your preferred airport to thousands of destinations around the world, domestic and international.

Seems there’s a lot to StayCircles. What are its features?

Friendship Stay: Have fun and catch up with friends.
Say for instance you need to catch a show in another city? Accomodation won’t be a problem. All you need to do is get on your StayCircles app and propose a stay with a friend or a friend-of-a-friend who lives in your destination for FREE. This means zero hotel bills and a familiar face to enjoy the show with. You can return the favor when next they’re visiting your hometown or city!

Business Stay: Save and earn while you travel for work.
Got a business trip coming up? You’ll love this.Business stays allow you to propose stays with friends or friends-of-friends at your destination using the StayCircles map. What makes this different for friendship stays is that you’ll earn money for you, your hosting friend, and save your company a lot of money off of the standard accommodation you would have booked without StayCircles.

Travel cheap and safer

For example, the cost of a 3 day stay in a hotel your company booked for you is $300, with Business Stays, your company would only pay $201 saving 31%. You and your host would also each earn $93 (31%). Everybody wins.

Adventure Machine: Travel and stay anywhere for way less.
Airline prices change in two ways: On cycles due to competition and through mistakes. Adventure Machine constantly checks the prices of routes 24/7, with the idea that a few looking all-the-time can find cheap flights and get notifications out about super cheap flights  to StayCircles users on a rolling basis.

Fly to each other. Explore the world more because cost is no longer an issue.

A one-week vacation from New York to Paris can easily cost $1,600 for flight and hotel. With Adventure Machine, the same vacation can cost as little as $350, thanks to a cheaper flight and a friend to stay with for FREE.

How do I start using StayCircles?
To start requesting stays and growing your network of friends, you’ll need to download the StayCircles app here. Once you’ve downloaded, you can follow this guide, to understand the StayCircles app and start saving hundreds of dollars on hotels. If you're a business traveller, you can also follow this guide to read on how you and your host can each earn up to 31% of the cost of your hotel and how you can also save your company 31%

To start saving up to 60% off flights, download the Adventure Machine app here and follow this guide to get started using the app.