Everyone obviously loves a good flight deal, getting it on the other hand is the not-so-easy part, especially when you take on the time consuming job of searching by yourself. But you don't need to, not when you have an app like Adventure Machine. So why Adventure Machine?

If you love to travel, then you’ll love cheap flight deals. And If you’ve ever snapped up a really good flight deal, you’ll be familiar with that warm fuzzy feeling that comes when you realize that you've been able to save hundreds or thousands of dollars… priceless! It’s almost like hitting the jackpot!

As great as it may sound however, searching for a cheap flight deal by yourself is not a walk in the park. To begin with, the airlines are not particularly eager to give away discounts. (true story). It’s just a promotional tactic that only a handful benefit from so the unlucky ones can continue to fly with them in the hopes of getting a deal someday (tough luck!).

As with every business, they are in the business to turn a profit, so don’t go expecting airline sponsored promotional flight deals regularly. What’s more, searching and scouring the internet or pouring through Google flights can take hours and days without the proper tools; this is assuming you have the time to spare sitting in front of a computer all day so you don’t miss it.

How can you get cheap flight deals without the stress?

Adventure Machine is a cheap flights alert app that searches non-stop, for cheap flight deals out of multiple airports from different airlines. You are notified of every flight deal discovered from your chosen origin airport, so you don’t have to spend hours and days searching. This way, you save money on flight tickets and travel to your dream destinations without breaking the bank or racking up debts.

As with every tool or app out there, there are also many other tools and products that offer the same service and Adventure Machine is no different. But here's why Adventure Machine should be your go-to app for cheap flight deals.

1. Save up to 70% on flights thanks to dedicated searching!

From time to time, airlines offer cheap flights as a promotional tool to get travellers to pay attention to them. Needless to say, not everyone is meant to get a cheap flight deal and so in most cases, these promotions may not be publicized at all. But Adventure Machine catches it. In addition to promotions, human error or technical glitches often leads to mistakes in the prices of flights.

We search round the clock so you can travel cheaper and see the world.

As an individual, it is almost impossible to manually discover which airline has this glitch, from which airport and for what day. With thousands of routes from hundreds of airlines and even more airports, you get the picture of how difficult and impossible this can be.

Adventure Machine consistently searches non-stop for flight deals from these sources and more so you don’t have to do it and notifies you immediately so you can complete your booking while the deals is active.

2. A live flight deal notification IS for a live flight deal… not an expired one.

The only thing worse than missing out on a fight deal is getting your hopes raised by a flight deal notification only for you to click and discover that the deal has expired.

Why send notifications about an expired deal in the first place?

Yes, most flight deal notifications are usually good for 24 - 48 hours and any deal alert is best booked as you get the notification, but if you get a notification for a cheap flight deal and click immediately, the deal should be live right?

Cut the crap! A flight deal notification on your phone means there's a cheap flight deal for the taking

Adventure Machine’s flight deal alerts are about live deals that you can leverage to reduce your flight costs and travel cheaper. If you’re getting a cheap flight notification, it is because there is a cheap flight deal notification for you to take advantage of. Provided you grab the deal within 24 - 48 hours, you should be good to go!

3. How about some extra savings on hotels?

With every trip, comes the need for a safe place to lodge and store your valuables. But what if you could save on not just flights alone but also on hotels by staying for free with friends or friends of friends living at your destination?

The Adventure Machine app is built by StayCircles, a company committed to making travel cheaper by sourcing and notifying you of cheap flight deals (domestic and international flights) and also leveraging your network of friends and their friends to help you save on hotels.

Stay for free with Friendship Stays and save 31% on business trips.

By inviting your friends to the Adventure Machine app, they are automatically added to your worldwide map as friends. Their friends who are also on the StayCircles network are added to your map as well. With your map of friends, you can easily see who you know that lives at your travel destination, request a stay for free and be on your way once they accept.

Before Adventure Machine, you would have paid anywhere between $500 - $600 on average for a 4-night stay in Paris. With Adventure Machine and your network of friends, you save on hotels and pay $0 if you're travelling for pleasure and save 31% if you're travelling for work.

With StayCircles, everyone wins!

Double win!

4. Zero ads plus your Information is safe.

With Adventure Machine, confidential information is just that, confidential!

We will never share or sell your information to anyone!

We take privacy seriously and will never share your information with any third party. In addition, the Adventure Machine is built to ensure that your information including payment details is secured and protected. So you’ve got nothing to worry about. Adventure Machine is also 100% ad free so you never have to worry about those annoying pop up ads that ruin your app experience (Yeah, we know how that feels like!).

At StayCircles, we believe that the everyone deserves to experience the thrills and excitement of travelling and seeing the world. We make this happen by providing cheaper travel alternatives. Click here to download the Adventure Machine app and start receiving notifications on cheap flight deals.

Adventure Awaits!