Travel a lot?  Spend zero dollars on hotels and catch up with friends with the Staycircles app. Here's a quick guide to help you get started using the app.

Who is richer?

The person sitting on a pool overlooking a cliff in a posh hotel taking 20 minutes on their instagram photo? Or the friend sitting at the table of their good friend’s having a dinner party and crashing in their spare room?

Wealth isn’t just about money. Friendships, real quality time with people you care about - to us at StayCircles those moments are how we value our lives and what we want. They’re what make us rich.

So let’s think for a bit.

If you were to estimate how much you’ve spent on hotels in the last one to two years either personally or on work trips, how much will that add up to? Got a rough figure in mind yet? Good.

Hotels are pricey and account for a huge chunk of travel expenses.

Though your company must have taken care of the hotel bills for the business trips, if you had booked stays using StayCircles, you and your host would have earned 31% each of the total avoided hotel cost and your company would have saved the other 31%, too.

And if it was personal, by using StayCircles, the money you spent on hotels would have stayed in your pockets or gone towards something a little more exciting than a hotel because you would have stayed with a friend for free.

Bottom line, you would have either spent zero dollars or earned some extra cash. But now that you’ve downloaded the StayCircles app, we’ll help you get started using the app so you can start saving and earning money easily.

Step 1: Downloading the App
Just in case you don’t have the app, the first step to using the StayCircles app is obviously downloading it. To download, simply open the app store on your mobile device and search for Adventure Machine or click here and follow the download button for either iPhone or Android. It’s that easy!

Step 2: Setting up your user account
Congratulations! By now you must have completed the download and installation of the app on your device. In order to start inviting your friends to fill up your worldwide map and be able to request stays, you will need to create a user account.. The sign up process is simple and short, no long forms or weird personal data requests.

When you launch the app on your device for the first time, select the “Create StayCircles Account” button and provide your email address. You’ll receive a verification email. Do note that depending on your email client, it might take a few seconds to get the email.

Click on the “Verify Email Now” and this will take you back to the app to choose a password. Once that is completed, you’ll be logged in, quick and easy.

You will be asked to grant some permissions so you don’t miss out on notifications, requests and other important updates on your phone.

Step 3: Understanding the home screen
After successfully logging in to your staycircles account, the app will open up to the home screen highlighting the features and many things you can do with StayCircles.

One of the first things you would want to do rightaway is to start filling up your map of friends by inviting them. This can be done using the “invite friends” button at the the middle topmost section of your screen.

Friends are also called StayPals and the more your staypals, the higher your chances of being able to stay anywhere in the world for free. Step 4 below, explains the “Invite friends” function and how to use it.

The app homescreen gives you an overview of the app including features to get you started.

The “Explore Map and StayPals” lets you view your worldwide map of friends and friends. The beauty of the worldwide map is that you are able to see your friends and their friends on your map and where they live at a glance. This makes it super easy for you decide who you’d like to stay with at your destination depending on their home’s location, and your friendships.

Your map gives you a worldwide view of your friends and their friends.

Using the “Book Friendship Stay” and “Book Business Stay” feature, you can request a stay from your network whenever you are on a trip. You spend zero dollars on hotels, save money on Friendship Stays and earn for both you and your host on Business Stay. With Business Stay, you company pays 31% lesser than the regular cost of a hotel plus both you and your host earn 31% each.

With StayCircles you get to stay or see a familiar face wherever you go.

With the “Host Friendship Stay” and “Host Business Stay” feature, you are able to manage your availability to host a friend or friend of a friend, update your address, and view your earnings summary on Business Stays.

“Adventure machine” and StayCircles work hand in hand. Adventure Machine alerts you to really cheap flights and StayCircles tell you who your friends and friends-of-friends are in the destination, then makes it easy to see them on your world map and book stays with them - for many this combo dramatically lowers the cost of pleasure travel, putting it in reach!

Step 4: Growing your network of friends - Inviting friends
The larger your network of friends, the better your chances of being able to stay anywhere in the world for free.

The StayCircles app makes it easy for you to invite your friends, grow your network and be able to stay anywhere in the world for free. All you need to do is send an email invite to your friend from within the app using only their email and they’ll be able to join StayCircles.

In addition, by inviting your friends, your other friends become their friends and are automatically added to their map as possible people to stay with.

You have three (3) different options to do this.

  • Via phone contact
  • Via Google contacts
  • Directly with email address
Invite your friends straight from your mobile phone in three easy ways.

To invite, select “staypals” in the app, then select “invite friends” in the upper right hand part of your screen. Next, select the invite option that works best for you and they’ll get an email letting them know you invited them and the next steps to take to start saving hundreds of dollars on hotels.

Now that you understand the StayCircles app, how to use it to save and earn money and its awesome features, download the app here if you haven’t and start inviting your friends!

About StayCircles
StayCircles is the world’s only friendship-driven home sharing platform. Showing on our circles of friends, travelers can propose stays with friends (or friends-of-friends) anywhere on earth.

Business travelers who book with StayCircles save their companies 31% off of the alternative,and split the rest with their host.

Personal travel stays are always free. And with the Adventure Machine app, StayCircles helps you fly to epic destinations so you can see or stay with friends or friends-of-friends.