You don’t have to break the bank or be rich to go on a family trip or vacation. StayCircles can help you save or earn hundreds of dollars making travel cheaper and easier. Here’s how.

Why exactly is flying so expensive?

It definitely isn’t because of jet fuel.
It's a collection of miscellaneous fees and taxes, including pilots' salaries, crew costs, airplane maintenance, airplane cost, airport fees, airline cost of running business, airplane insurance, and more.

How can I travel for fun often without going broke?  No matter your  income, you can travel and explore the world without incurring debts or emptying out your savings. You should never have to think hard about a family vacation to San Juan because of costs.

Everyone should be able to share fun experiences like sunbathing on the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas, enjoying a spicy chinese treat on the streets of Beijing, or dancing with Masai warriors on a Kenyan safari with friends and family.

Tourists with the Masai people of Kenya

Sadly, this is not the case; thanks to the high cost of flight tickets and crazy hotel bills. A one-week trip to Paris considering flight tickets and hotel bills will set you back by about $1600 on the average and that’s just for one person.

A one-week trip to Paris can be very expensive

Business trips are no different with U.S. companies spending an average of $321 per day on meals, car rentals, and a huge chunk on hotels for business travel according to the 2017 Corporate Travel Index. In 2017 alone, hotel revenues exceeded $200 billion. In essence, the ONLY people coming out on top here are the airlines and hotel chains, not you and I, contrary to what you may think. This is where StayCircles comes in.

How are we changing this?

With StayCircles, the cost of travel and accommodation is significantly reduced or taken out completely. What it would cost a single person for a normal trip for example would easily cover two people travelling to the same destination using StayCircles.

Travel becomes cheaper, more convenient and happens more often; a welcome change from what you’re forced to settle for with the high cost of travel. StayCircles and Adventure Machine cut your travel costs (hotel and flight) significantly saving you money and opening you up to a world of excitement and opportunities you never thought possible.

StayCircles to the rescue!

So how do I save or earn money traveling with StayCircles?         StayCircles offers you three really easy ways to do this

1. Adventure Machine:  Now you can travel more for less

You’ve taken a break from work and you’re considering a trip to Paris because you’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. You start off by searching for flights to France from your city. After hours or days of pouring through Google flights and other platforms, the lowest you see is a round trip to Paris for about $900, you have no other choice and make the purchase. With Adventure Machine, this same trip wouldn’t have cost you more than $305, saving you almost 70% of the normal price. How is this possible?

How Adventure Machine works.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time including the airlines. They also offer limited flight sales that they’d rather only a few see. Using custom built algorithms, we search (we’re really good at this!) for these hidden flight sales and mistake fares (which happens more times than airlines would ever admit) notifying you as they become available via the Adventure Machine mobile app.

You’re notified about incredible round trip flight deals (saving you hundreds of dollars) from your chosen airport to your favorite destinations right on your mobile phone. Shaving hundreds of dollars off the cost of a regular flight is as easy as downloading the Adventure Machine app, signing up and adding your preferred departure airport to get started.

Adventure Machine Mobile App

Download the Adventure Machine mobile app for free to start saving money on flights with cheap flight deals.

2. Friendship Stays: Stay with friends and friends of friends for free

Chris is an adventurous guy who has been saving for close to a year so he can take a 7 day trip to Paris on the recommendation of his friends. He’s been searching for flights, places to visit and of course, a safe hotel to stay. Needless to stay, he’ll be spending thousands of dollars on this trip thanks to costly flights and a $150 per night hotel stay.

If he had the StayCircles app, he wouldn’t have had to spend a dime on hotel fees because he would have discovered and been able to book a stay for free with friends of his friends living in Zurich.

How Friendship Stays works

StayCircles allows you search a worldwide map of your friends and friends-of-friends to book stays at your travel destination for FREE saving you hundreds of dollars when you travel for fun. You spend ZERO dollars on hotels or lodging and get to share more fun experiences in the company of friendly faces.

At StayCircles, we believe that friendship is one of the most powerful sources of joy and happiness that anyone can experience across a lifetime, and we work everyday to make it easier for old friends to see and stay with each other as they go about their travels and lives.

See your map of friends and friends-of-friends

To start saving money, booking stays for free and growing your network, download the mobile app, sign up and start inviting your friends.

3.  Business Stays: Earn money for both you and your host while helping your company save.

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on business travel for their employees and it’s not difficult to see how business class tickets, car rentals and 3-night stays at hotels can add up real fast.

Yes, business trips are essential to the growth of any company and yes,they usually involve, meetings, seminars, conferences… work, work and more work. But what if you could save your company money, earn some for yourself, and make your trip safer and less stressful by skipping the $150 - $200 per night hotel bills completely?

Jones is a mid-level executive in Acme company and he travels for business twice a month spending about $500 on hotels on each trip. By booking a business stay with StayCircles, Jones is already getting a better deal because it costs less than a regular hotel. He’ll also be redirecting the money Acme once spent on hotels back to the company, his hosting friend, and himself.

In preparation for his trip to Boston, he goes on his StayCircles app, sees on his map of friends that Nate, a friend of a friend stays close to where he has business to conduct. He books a business stay with Nate at $335 saving Acme $165 (33% lesser than normal) and his company pays StayCircles; that’s the first part. StayCircles now pays his host, Nate $165 and pays Jones himself $165! Amazing right?

We believe that if the business traveler stays with friends, everyone can win. Planning your work trips with StayCircles can help you earn up to 33% for yourself, earn 33% for your hosts and save 33% for your company… and it’s that simple.

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